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Dom’s Chronic Recurrent Shoulder Pain Patient Story

Posted on: June 28th, 2024 by Our Team

He first came our way in Summer 2023 due to chronic recurrent shoulder pain and stiffness for over a decade, as well as radicular numbness. Treatment prioritized shoulder mobility, strengthening, and stability. Dom entered Fall 2023 able to travel overseas and return to his weightlifting with resolved complaints. Symptoms reappeared and worsened in Winter 2023, leading Dom to get shoulder surgery by Dr. Johnston in early January to address his labral tears, shoulder impingement, and AC joint arthritis.

He returned to us in February 2024 at 8 weeks post-op. Initial post-op rehab focused on full shoulder active range of motion, short-arc shoulder strengthening, and scapular stabilization exercises. Dom progressed steadily towards long-arc tasks and shoulder stability/control tasks. He remained consistent in his PT attendance and work ethic, and progressed further into loaded arm tasks that challenged his power, endurance, and reactive response. Circuit-style formats were utilized to simulate gym workouts. By the end of his time here at the clinic, Dom was performing barbell lifts, ball slams, burpees, sled pushes, and floor crawls. He is returning to the gym and pickleball this spring!

Dom, it was an honor to treat you! Your humor, perseverance, and determined attitude did not go unnoticed. We are immensely proud of you, and are thrilled with what this year has in store for you!

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