Greg Corrick

Greg Corrick is a quality baseball coach with over two decades worth of experience in coaching and improving overall player performance. Coach Greg joined the Centers for Advanced Orthopedics (CAO) to assist his clients in learning the fundamentals of baseball, understanding how key elements of the game relate to the individual player, and package that knowledge into drills and skill development. As an energetic and knowledgeable baseball coach who understands all aspects of fielding, hitting, base running, pitching and catching, he brings forth the ability to motivate, improve, and guide his players through their strengths as well as their weaknesses to the next level.


Greg played his high school baseball at Glenelg as a varsity starting catcher, followed by college baseball at Washington Bible College where he caught and played infield for over 200 plus innings. He obtained his degree in Applied Agriculture, Turf Management, and Sports Field Maintenance. Greg also attended Liberty University obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Biblical studies. With his educational background, Greg has been able to mentor, coach, build, and cultivate an environment within which baseball players can thrive.


After playing the game of baseball since childhood, Greg began his coaching journey at Riverdale Baptist School as a volunteer coach mentored by famed local high school baseball coaches Terry and Ryan Terrill. Soon after, Greg became athletic director and varsity head baseball coach at SOMD Christian Academy where he started a baseball program from the ground up. He showed commitment and dedication to a wide range of student-athletes. Greg spent several summers as an assistant coach alongside the Terrill’s, coaching college recruits in travel and showcase tournaments with top programs Marucci Stars and Demarini Stars. Greg assisted with annual winter and summer youth baseball camps. He also worked in partnership with Little League of Antigua to further the development of the game of baseball on the island. Following his six-year tenure as a varsity head coach and athletic director at SMCA, Greg returned to Riverdale Baptist to take an assistant varsity position, and JV head coach. During his time there, he was a part of Nationally ranked high school baseball program. His coaching career moved from the field to the indoor arena where he dedicated himself to one-on-one player development with a focus on teaching the art of hitting.


Greg is dedicated to the development of student athletes and the pursuit of academic and athletic excellence. While honing the skills of student athletes and their respective sports, Greg seeks to establish a solid foundation of positive character development which he considers to be the most important aspect of obtaining excellence in sporting endeavors.


Greg enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He grew up a Baltimore Orioles fan and enjoys attending sporting events at Camden yards with his father Keith. Greg also loves basketball and spent time as a high school basketball coach while even winning a league championship.  Some things Greg enjoys doing are golfing, fishing, and spending time outdoors camping with family.

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