Jeffrey Burley

My name is Jeffrey Burley. My goal is to work with clients and teach them optimal exercises that will gradually make them stronger over time. I am a certified personal trainer and I have lived in Southern Maryland my entire life. Since middle school I’ve been an Oregon Ducks fan so whether they’re playing football, basketball, or in a track meet I usually tune in. I enjoy spending my free time with my friends whether that’s watching sports, working out, or playing flag football on the weekends.

In high school I played football and on top of that ran indoor and outdoor track and field. I went on to attend Coastal Carolina university where I attained a bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sport Science. While in college I interned at our HTC Rec Center which allowed me to not only shadow personal trainers but also train clients on my own. I have also participated in different programs and studies, one which allowed me to show kids how to properly exercise in a gym and the importance of eating healthily.

I have worked as a fitness staff member for the past 5 years and as of 2021 have looked to further develop my career attaining my CPT certification. I am all about wanting to be better and having fun while doing so. I want to focus on helping people be the best versions of themselves and with some motivation and consistency, anyone can get there.

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