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Michael McIntosh

Michael McIntosh is a Personal Trainer who joined the Centers for Advanced Orthopedics to aid in the progression of the company’s Sports Performance program. Having played football at the collegiate level, Michael is excited to work with athletes of many different age groups. Helping them to develop better mechanics and overall performance in their specific sports.


Michael has been a resident of Southern Maryland for the past 11 years. He graduated from St. Mary’s Ryken High School in 2018. In 2022, he graduated from Randolph-Macon College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Playing football for Randolph-Macon, Michael developed a passion for working in the athletic field. This lead him to have a goal of expanding his education in the Sport and Exercise Psychology Field by attending Springfield college to attain a master’s degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology.


Michael is currently working towards completing the National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer Certification course. Having a few months of personal training under his belt, Michael is excited to work with athletes to help them develop, while also allowing him to further develop himself as an experienced trainer. Playing football in college, Michael has always been a fan of the athletic field and he completely understands the struggles that athletes face when coming back from injury. He is ready to help athletes recover from injuries and hone in on their personal skills within their sports.


Michael is a strong advocate that individuals must be able to battle adversity before they are able to achieve success. Whether this be in a sport, recovering from injury, or in everyday challenges. He believes that individuals must be able to face hardships head-on before they are able to take that next step in their goals. With the proper guidance facing a hardship builds confidence inside the mind, which therefore creates another baseline to set goals off of. The timing of this process varies for each individual, but in the end it is the small victories that win the war!


In his freetime, Michael is an all-around sports fan and loves attending different sporting events. He loves to participate in any type of friendly competition from backyard cornhole to videogames. Michael enjoys spending some down time with his family and friends.

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