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Basketball Sample Workout

The sport of basketball requires athleticism, strength, and agility. While most of the skill work is performed at a high intensity, a certain level of endurance is important to meet game demands throughout the duration of the contest. Below is an example basketball strength and conditioning workout program.

Warm up

  • High skip, Quick Skip, Tempo Skip – 20-30yd ea.
  • Resisted Side Shuffle – 30yd-60yd
  • Bridge w/ Hip Abduction x 10 Bilat, x10 ea. Single Leg
  • Single Leg Toe Touch/Reach x10 ea.

Low Level Plyo

  • Single Leg(SL) Ladder Drills (ie: SL hop, 1 over 1 back, lateral in/out)

High Level Plyo

  • x 5ea (land 2 feet àland 1 foot; progress height as tol)
  • SL Box Jump
  • Kneeling Box Jump
  • Approach (layup) Box Jump (add ball a Medball)


  • 1-5r ea., 3-5 sets 2-5 min rest
  • Eccentric Trap Bar Deadlift or Back Squat
  • Eccentric Dumbbell Bulgarian Split Squat
  • Eccentric Monster Band or Barbell Good Morning


  • Anti-Rotation: Paloff Press x15 Windmill x 2 circles ea. direction (band or cable machine) bilat

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