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Hockey and Lacrosse Sample Workout

Hockey and Lacrosse require athleticism, conditioning, and tremendous hand eye coordination. We’re fortunate to work with hockey and lacrosse athletes of all levels. Below is an example hockey and lacrosse strength and conditioning workout program.

Warm up

  • Jog, lateral shuffle, grapevine x 2 laps ea
  • Walking forward lunge, alternating walking lateral lunge, lateral plank walk (switch halfway) x ½ lap ea
  • Resisted Side Stepping, Monster Walks x 1 lap ea
  • Resisted Reverse Y’s 2×10 bilat
  • Bridge with hip abduction x20


  • Paloff Press and Hold Anti Rotation Series: Standing 2 x 30s ea, Tall kneeling 2 x30s ea, Squats x10 ea, Split Squats x 10 ea
  • BOSU squats x10, squat hold x 10 ball throws, 3 sets
  • BOSU Pushups 2×15
  • TRX Pistol Squat 2×10 bilat
  • Bird Dog Row 2×10 5#
  • Blazepod plank 3 x 30s, SLS Wacamole 2 x 30” ea

Cool down

2 x 30s ea:

  • Quad Stretch
  • Hamstring stretch
  • Figure 4 Stretch
  • Cross Body Shoulder Stretch
  • Overhead Triceps Stretch
  • Wall Chest Stretch

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