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Patient Stories

Abby’s Bilateral Knee Pain and Patellar Instability Patient Story

Abby’s journey with bilateral knee pain and patellar instability since childhood was undoubtedly challenging, but her perseverance and dedication are truly inspiring. She faced numerous obstacles along the way, from frequent dislocations to undergoing surgical interventions. However, with the...read more

Patient Stories

Kayla’s Knee Instability Patient Story

Kayla came to us last year with pain and instability in both patellas while playing soccer. Due to the severity of her instability and frequent patellar dislocations, it was recommended she undergo a MPFL (medial patellafemoral ligament) reconstruction. Kayla...read more

Patient Stories

Teresa’s Surgical Stabilization Patient Story

Teresa was a college Lacrosse player and extremely accomplished on the field and in the gym. She suffered a displaced trimalleolar fracture during her final game at York College. Dr. Perry consulted on the case and recognized the fracture...read more

Patient Stories

Ron’s Back Pain Patient Story

Ron came to us to work on his neck and back pain that presented themselves following doing some work in the yard. He came to us as a word-of-mouth referral from a friend who was pleased with their care. ...read more

Patient Stories

Pam’s ACL Reconstruction Patient Story

Pam tore her ACL while skiing last winter and had ACL reconstruction with an allograft in February. When an allograft is used, the healing timeline and progression through ACL rehab is more gradual but she met all expectations and...read more

Patient Stories

Katie’s Knee Surgery Patient Story

Katie here came to us following a knee surgery requiring months of rehab for her goal of returning to running track and cross country. She worked hard from the immediate post-op limitations all the way up to returning for...read more