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Bridging Program

The CAO Sports Performance Center offers an innovative ‘Return to Sports’ or bridging program for athletes who have suffered and injury. CAO is the leading orthopaedic practice in the Virginia-D.C.-Maryland region. We are more than 160 physicians and near 200 rehabilitation professionals united by a commitment to the highest standards in patient care. As a result, we have worked with thousands of athletes from high-school to professional sports, whom have suffered injuries. Through this experience our team of sports performance coaches, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and orthopaedic sports medicine surgeons has developed a results-driven, one-on-one bridge program to help transition physical therapy patients back to their everyday life and activity level.

This program was developed to help everyone from college athletes, to active retirees meet their post PT goals. In our eyes everyone is an “athlete” in their own regard, and deserve to reach their full return to activity goals. This program is meant to help “bridge the gap” from the time they are discharged from Physical Therapy, until they reach all their own specific goals. Insurance’s coverage can sometimes be limited, and sometimes people move beyond the medical necessity of Physical Therapy before they have fully achieved all their goals.  The Bridge Program will take your rehabilitation to the next level, and prepare you to meet your next challenge or goal.  Our rehabilitation staff will work to develop a program that is specific to each individual’s deficits, aspirations, and capabilities.  The CAO team will have an in-depth knowledge of each person’s medical history, surgical considerations, and have the backing of all the providers.

This program is valuable to every patient who walks through the door, and is a growing part of holistic care around the country.  By getting ahead of the injury, one is able to continue doing or get back to doing the activities they love.

Our bridging program is designed to:

  • Speed recovery
  • Return to the Gym
  • Start working out
  • Program generation
  • Reduce future injury
  • Improve strength
  • Improve flexibility
  • Improve mobility
  • Improve endurance
  • Improve form

Program Details:

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