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Magi’s Thoracic Strain / Sprain Patient Story

Posted on: May 23rd, 2022 by Our Team

Meet Magi! She is an active mother and grandmother in Chaptico, Maryland. She was in a serious car accident in October 2021. Magi was unsuccessful in recovering on her own and was determined to get her normal life back. She came to physical therapy in January 2022 due to persistent chest, rib, and back pain. Her ability to breathe and move were significantly impacted by pain, muscle spasms, and stiffness.

Her complex presentation required a methodical approach, starting with pain reduction and improving her rib mobility for more comfortable breathing. The rehab progression evolved from gentle postural strengthening and spine mobility, to core strengthening and movement retraining, and further on to trunk loading and endurance training.

Magi has made a remarkable recovery after 4 months of consistent PT attendance. Her impressive determination and commitment to her difficult rehab have resulted in her amazing transformation! She no longer has daily pain, and can breathe fully without limitation. She has returned to gardening, yardwork, walking, and caring for her family.

We are incredibly proud of you, Magi!! It has been a true joy working with you!! We wish you an amazing summer!

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