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Sports Performance

Zaire’s ACL Reconstruction Patient Story

Zaire is 17-year-old football athlete at St. Mary’s Ryken High School who has been putting in the necessary work the past 4 months since Dr. Lucas Wymore performed an anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction utilizing the patellar tendon autograft approach....read more

Physical Therapy

Mike’s Recovery from Rotator Cuff Surgery Patient Story

Mike was a Safelite Technician. In mid-December Mike had an acute onset of (R) shoulder pain while removing a windshield on the job. Mike continued to complete his daily itinerary for Safelite but pain in his arm intensified, leaving...read more

Physical Therapy

Avoiding Injuries When Shoveling Snow

As winter approaches there likely will be a need to get out in the elements and shovel snow.  While this activity can provide an excellent workout when done properly it can also lead to numerous injuries when not completed...read more