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Physical Therapy

Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy is a form of manual therapy that has historically be used in the realm of alternative medicine. This technique involves placing cups made of glass, plastic, or silicone directly on the skin to create suction. The vacuum...read more

Physical Therapy

Maddie’s ACL Pre-Operative Patient Story

Shout out here to Maddie and her hard work! She sustained an ACL injury and arrived to us May 2022 for pre-operative rehab before she underwent her reconstruction. She worked with us for close to 1 month pre-operatively to...read more

Physical Therapy

Erin’s ACL Reconstruction Patient Story

Erin is a St Mary’s College of Maryland and CAO alumni.  First we need to recognize Erin’s hard work and determination.  Secondly, a huge shout out to the amazing collaboration with SMCM Athletic Trainers, particularly Bailey because it was...read more

Physical Therapy

Dave’s MCL Sprain Patient Story

Dave was a hard worker right off the bat. He suffered an MCL sprain in August while playing in a 50+ softball league. He tried to continue playing and then rehab on his own but reached a plateau where...read more

Physical Therapy

Austin’s Ankle Injury Patient Story

After Austin injured his ankle playing basketball, he was referred to CAO physical therapy in Waldorf by Dr. Mark Perry MD, who is a foot and ankle specialist, and was originally placed in a walking boot for 1 week....read more

Physical Therapy

Deanna’s Meniscus Repair Patient Story

Mama Dee, as we lovingly call her in the clinic, sustained an injury to her meniscus while playing softball. She underwent a meniscus root repair by Dr. Wymore which involved 6 weeks of not being able to bear weight on...read more