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Sports Performance

Traumatic Shoulder Dislocation

Help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up! Ok, maybe I can get up but my arm feels like a barbie doll who just got her arm snapped off by a toddler. But wait, my arm is still attached...read more

Sports Performance

Tips To Prevent Injuries from Running

Running is demanding but as humans, we are innately built to run. Unfortunately, we have morphed into a sit-centric lifestyle, and this alters our posture and mechanics. When our posture and mechanics aren’t perfect, the impact of running can...read more

Sports Performance

Bouncing back from an injury

Bouncing back from an injury is often extremely challenging, mentally and physically. “When will I feel normal again?,” “When will I be able to get back on the field/hit the gym again?,” are questions we get all of the...read more

Sports Performance

Corrie’s Ankle Fracture Patient Story

Meet Corrie! She is a Body Pump instructor in Mechanicsville, Maryland. She leads a very active lifestyle and loves to encourage those around her to do the same – when she isn’t teaching fitness classes, she is outdoors and...read more

Sports Performance

Addison’s Patellar Instability Patient Story

Meet Addison! Addy is a ballet dancer with a history of recurring patella instability. In June she suffered a patella dislocation during her dance recital. She underwent a left knee arthroscopy by Dr. Lucas Wymore to determine the integrity...read more

Sports Performance

Addy’s ACL Repair Patient Story

It’s time for a new patient success story. This girl right here is one tough cookie! Addy sustained a torn ACL while playing soccer last fall. She came to therapy pre-operatively, which is common to work on gaining full...read more