Sports Performance

Addy’s ACL Repair Patient Story

It’s time for a new patient success story. This girl right here is one tough cookie! Addy sustained a torn ACL while playing soccer last fall. She came to therapy pre-operatively, which is common to work on gaining more

Sports Performance

John’s Knee Replacement Patient Story

Congratulations to John! He works in real estate here in southern Maryland, and ambitiously pursued two knee replacements by Dr. Daniel Bauk within the same year. His first knee replacement was in April 2022, and he dutifully participated more

Sports Performance

Madison’s Ulnar Nerve Transposition Patient Story

Madison came to us following a common overhead sport injury to her right elbow while pitching in softball. Prior to her injury she was familiar with the clinic as a Sport Performance client with our hitting coach Rachel more

Physical Therapy

Brian’s Lumbar Radiculopathy Patient Story

Brian Verbic is a 35-year-old program manager, husband, and active dad of two young girls who suffered an acute back injury working in his yard in early March 2022. Brian had an immediate onset on pain in his more

Physical Therapy

Magi’s Thoracic Strain / Sprain Patient Story

Meet Magi! She is an active mother and grandmother in Chaptico, Maryland. She was in a serious car accident in October 2021. Magi was unsuccessful in recovering on her own and was determined to get her normal life more

Sports Performance

Zack’s ACL Repair Patient Story

Zack is a St. Mary’s College of Maryland soccer player who came to us following a season ending ligament injury to his right knee that he sustained in June. He then underwent surgical repair of his ACL (Anterior more