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Addison’s Patellar Instability Patient Story

Posted on: December 21st, 2022 by Our Team

Meet Addison! Addy is a ballet dancer with a history of recurring patella instability. In June she suffered a patella dislocation during her dance recital. She underwent a left knee arthroscopy by Dr. Lucas Wymore to determine the integrity of her surrounding knee structures. Her post-surgical evaluation was performed by Tara and developed a program to target her deficits.

Addy worked tirelessly in PT and at home to improve her range of motion and strengthen her quadriceps after her surgery. Regaining her knee mobility was no easy task! Through her dedication to her established home program, and the help of her physical therapy team, she was able to accomplish her goal. Blood flow restriction training was also implemented as a great way to prevent any muscle atrophy and improve her leg strength. She continued with progressive strengthening and single leg balance activities in our clinic to improve her mechanics and stability needed as a dancer. She continued to work hard with her physical therapists Alec and Mike to return her back to running while improving her mechanics and jumping and landing abilities. She’s been so much fun to work with since day 1, and we never had a boring moment with her! Good luck this year Addy! “The Patient”

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