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Corrie’s Ankle Fracture Patient Story

Posted on: December 21st, 2022 by Our Team

Meet Corrie! She is a Body Pump instructor in Mechanicsville, Maryland. She leads a very active lifestyle and loves to encourage those around her to do the same – when she isn’t teaching fitness classes, she is outdoors and on the move. Corrie had a significant ankle injury in July 2022, requiring surgery and staged recovery phases. She came to physical therapy in August 2022 for guided rehabilitation, as she was starting out in a boot with a scooter.

Corrie steadily progressed from her boot to weight-bearing with crutches to walking on her own. She diligently performed her exercises and attended her sessions, working hard to improve her ankle mobility and regain tolerance to moving fast on her own again. After 12 weeks of hard work in physical therapy, Corrie has successfully returned to teaching her classes and pursuing adventures.

We are proud of you, Corrie! You have been a joy to treat, and we are confident that you’ll continue to improve splendidly.

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