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Hester’s Knee Arthroscopy Patient Story

Posted on: March 20th, 2023 by Our Team

Hester is up and running! She is a naturalist at Annmarie Sculpture Gardens with an energetic passion for the outdoors. After a rock climbing injury in Spring 2022, she underwent a knee arthroscopy in November and came to physical therapy in December to assist with her recovery. At that time, she was struggling with bending, squatting, and fully trusting her healing knee.

Her treatment primarily focused on knee and hip strengthening, and quite a bit of compound strengthening and stabilization. This means Hester had to challenge multiple muscle groups to perform dynamic lunge, squatting, and single leg tasks! She worked on learning proper lower body movements and how to apply them to her normal activities. There was a lot of emphasis on fitness and functional movements – which is what she needed for a positive recovery from her knee surgery! Hester’s proclivity to hard work and attention to detail was beneficial throughout her sessions. She always kept a cheerful attitude while knocking out her rigorous program. Her final visit included a running assessment and guidance on how to appropriately resume her running routine.

This recreational athlete has successfully returned to her active lifestyle, which includes rock climbing, cycling, and return to run program! Way to go, Hester!

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