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Shawn’s Pec Repair Patient Story

Posted on: March 20th, 2023 by Our Team

Shawn is an MMA fighter who initially saw CAO Waldorf in 2020 for left AC joint shoulder instability and a left pec tendon repair in 2021. Our excellent sports surgeon Dr. Wymore performed the pec repair surgery. A pec tendon repair is an extensive recovery process and ultimately was 6 months of hard work for Shawn. It was a full team effort in Waldorf to help Shawn return to fighting. He worked with Mike, Alec, Rebecca, John and Em to safely progress him through his protocol. The result of his hard work was full range of motion and strength in his right arm, and a return to professional fighting in March of 2022.

Shawn loved us so much that he returned to our Leonardtown clinic in September of this year! He experienced a right shoulder injury while throwing a punch during his professional fight. He was diagnosed with a labral tear in his shoulder. The labrum is a passive stabilizer of the shoulder joint, which deepens the shoulder socket and assists in maintaining correct positioning of the humerus. When passive stabilizers are compromised, there’s an increased demand for the dynamic stabilizers to stabilize the shoulder, which includes the rotator cuff. Shawn performed banded shoulder stability exercises as well as Turkish get-ups, medicine ball pushups, BOSU ball planks, and other closed chain loading. As his shoulder control improved, we were able to simulate his typical gym activities like lat pulldowns, rows, and shoulder presses. Shawn is now fully participating in his gym workouts and continues to rigorously train for MMA. His goal now is to become as strong as his physical therapist Mike.

Good work Shawn, and good luck in your future fights!

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