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John’s Knee Replacement Patient Story

Posted on: October 26th, 2023 by Our Team

John came to us after consulting Dr. Bauk with the plan of total knee replacements on both knees.  He initially was evaluated and started in PT prior to his first surgery in order to improve his knowledge of the process and set appropriate expectations for the post-operative stages of a total knee replacement. His first knee replacement was his left side completed in Dec of 2022 where he worked with us for nearly 4 months to allow his range of motion and strength to return to his prior to surgery level so he could successfully proceed with his right knee replacement.  He then went on to continued strengthening with a home program prior to his next surgery.  He underwent his right total knee surgery in May of 2023 following the plan he and Dr. Bauk had created for optimal outcomes. He then continued on in physical therapy with the goal to return to his prior level of function including a significant amount of walking needed for his job and return to his active lifestyle including hitting the links!

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