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Brian’s Lumbar Radiculopathy Patient Story

Posted on: June 13th, 2022 by Our Team

Brian Verbic is a 35-year-old program manager, husband, and active dad of two young girls who suffered an acute back injury working in his yard in early March 2022. Brian had an immediate onset on pain in his low back that quickly began to radiate into his right leg. Brian’s condition became debilitating, leaving him Brian unable to sit, walk or stand for any real length of time. Right leg weakness progressively worsened, severely limiting his ability to work or care for his family. Brian was seen by CAO’s Lucas Wymore, MD who referred him to Physical Therapy and interventional pain specialist – Dr. Margot Geary. She diagnosed a Lumbar Radiculopathy and determined that he would likely be successful with a non-surgical treatment approach. He was treated with a course of oral steroids, followed by a Lumbar Epidural Injection. Brian also began CAO Physical Therapy with Tara Adams, MSPT. Over an 8-week course in Physical Therapy, Brian’s pain resolved, he regained full strength in his right leg and built core stability to protect his spine from further injury. Brian is not only “back” to being a great husband, dad and program manager, but is rowing and golfing better than ever!

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