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Brad’s Achilles Tendon Tear Patient Story

Posted on: August 15th, 2022 by Our Team

Here is Brad Tennyson, he tore his L Achilles tendon while playing soccer. Dr. Bauk performed surgery on 4/22/2021 and Brad started his PT journey 7 week later. Brad dealt with many of the same difficulties that most Achilles tendon repairs do. Pain and swelling, decreased ankle ROM, learning how to walk (in a boot, with out a boot and then with out a limp.) After many months of rehab and progressing Brad’s protocol, he was able to work his way back to jogging, jumping, and running.

Upon completion of physical therapy, Brad decided to participate in our PT Bridging program in order to receive additional guidance with overall training and to build confidence. Brad was looking to improve his golf swing in addition to prepare himself for hiking the Appalachian Trail, but was unsure what his Achilles would be able to handle. Tracey, our Licensed PTA, and NASM Certified Personal Trainer, took Brad through an integrative workout program that not only continued to focus on LE strengthening, but also challenged his core rotational strength/stability, improved his cardiovascular capabilities, and increased his confidence of engaging in extracurricular activities without fear of damaging his prior repair. Great Job Brad!

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