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Addy’s ACL Repair Patient Story

Posted on: November 28th, 2022 by Our Team

It’s time for a new patient success story. This girl right here is one tough cookie! Addy sustained a torn ACL while playing soccer last fall. She came to therapy pre-operatively, which is common to work on gaining full range of motion and strength for better outcomes once the operation is performed. She then underwent ACL reconstruction by Dr. Wymore with the goal of returning to competitive soccer.

She worked tirelessly in PT from the minute she got to us. Following her surgery, she was on crutches, in a brace, and unable to bear weight on that leg for a short time. Our immediate goals were pain control, swelling control, and getting return of her thigh muscle activation. Following that we moved towards exercises for strengthening with a focus on improving the surgical leg strength to return it to equal that of the non-surgical side.  At this point, a few months out of surgery, is when running begins (this varies with each patient and their progress). A lot of work goes into the progression from jumping to straight forward running through full return to contact soccer which includes quick changes of directions and reacting to other player movements on the field.

Addy worked hard from the minute she came to PT and it showed with her progress. She spent close to a year in PT working to get back to her sport. She successfully returned to play Leonardtown Soccer before the end of this fall season and even scored a goal in her first game back on the field! We are so proud of her drive and her progress. Way to crush it Addy!!

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