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Madison’s Ulnar Nerve Transposition Patient Story

Posted on: November 28th, 2022 by Our Team

Madison came to us following a common overhead sport injury to her right elbow while pitching in softball. Prior to her injury she was familiar with the clinic as a Sport Performance client with our hitting coach Rachel Polk. After her injury, she worked hard with PT for 5 months to avoid surgery but despite strengthening and good progression, she had unresolved symptoms that continued with throwing. At that time, she elected to go through with a nerve transposition surgery with Dr. Wymore which would take care of her symptoms and allow her to return to softball.  She worked hard following her surgery starting from scratch with simple mobility and exercises and progressing all the way back to returning to softball.  Due to her hard work before surgery and a successful surgery, she was able to make the end of her Junior season for Leonardtown Softball! Way to go Maddie Mads!

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