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Bouncing back from an injury

Posted on: March 20th, 2023 by Our Team

Bouncing back from an injury is often extremely challenging, mentally and physically. “When will I feel normal again?,” “When will I be able to get back on the field/hit the gym again?,” are questions we get all of the time. Unfortunately, the answer is often vague as it varies amongst each individual depending on several factors such as injury, current health status, fitness level, etc. Establishing a close work ethic with your physical therapist/assistant, can better your chances of returning to your pre-injury status.

Once physical therapy comes to an end, whether it be from exhausting your insurance or graduating from PT, the next question is “now what?” Although it can be easy to neglect exercise, especially with work and busy life schedules, continuing with post-therapy exercises can aid in your recovery and further prevent you from having to return to PT. Regardless if you are new to exercise or well versed in the fitness arena, transitioning from physical therapy to the playing field or back to the gym can often times feel intimidating. Many come across the problem of not knowing where to start or how to progress, and will to turn to personal training. While this can seem like a good idea, it is imperative to find a trainer who understands your condition and doesn’t put you at further risk for reinjury.

Here at CAO, we eliminate the guess work. Not only do we strive to bridge the gap between PT and fitness/wellness, we also make it a priority to prevent reinjury so that we do not hinder your progress. Our certified personal trainers provide continuity of care by maintaining open communication with the treating therapist(s) to create and progress transitional rehabilitation programs. Each program is tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual to optimize their recovery and achieve their desired goals.

Program focus

  • Develop proficiency with fundamental exercises specific to your goals
  • Build total body strength
  • Enhance overall endurance and conditioning
  • Improve speed and agility (if desired)
  • Emphasis on form/technique with all exercises to remain safe and injury free


  • Initial fitness assessment: FREE
  • Follow up sessions: $45/session
  • Group session: $35/person/session
  • Duration: approximately 1 hr
  • Reassessments to track progress towards goals
  • Workout progressions


  • One-on-one sessions with a Certified Personal Trainer in a fun, yet safe environment
  • Group Training sessions also available, up to 3/group with similar goals
  • Open communication with prior Physical Therapists/Assistants
  • Workout programs uniquely tailored to individual goals
  • Continuous check-ins with progress towards goals

Why Sign up?

  • To progress your strength/conditioning that you gained in physical therapy
  • To learn where to start or how to progress on your own without creating reinjury or new injuries
  • To continue working out in a fun, positive, and safe environment
  • To become educated on proper form/technique and equipment usage

How to get started?

  • Get signed up for a free assessment by speaking with one of our therapists, giving us a call at 240-530-8188, or emailing our Sports Performance Manager, Jason Blakey, at jblakey@cfaortho.com

We look forward to working with you to create a better version of yourself!

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