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Robert’s Total Shoulder Replacement Patient Story

Posted on: March 20th, 2023 by Our Team

Meet Robert! He has had a history of ongoing shoulder issues and elected to have his right shoulder joint replaced in 2014 with Dr. Johnston. Robert did very well with his recovery and decided to have his left shoulder replaced last September. He came to CAO PT in California for his rehab after surgery. He had just gotten out of his sling. Initially, physical therapy focused on regaining his range of motion in his shoulder with manual therapy, stretching and range of motion exercises. After regaining normal movement in the new joint, he then began to work on strengthening to be able to lift weights and put weight through his new shoulder. After 8 weeks of progressive strengthening and stretching he has met his established goals and was able to continue exercises at home. He has been able to return to the gym lifting weights and hunting without pain. We are proud of Robert’s hard work and dedication and hope he continues to put his new shoulder to work!

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