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Deanna’s Meniscus Repair Patient Story

Posted on: July 25th, 2023 by Our Team

Mama Dee, as we lovingly call her in the clinic, sustained an injury to her meniscus while playing softball. She underwent a meniscus root repair by Dr. Wymore which involved 6 weeks of not being able to bear weight on her leg to allow the repair to heel. During this time, we used blood flow restriction and exercises to maintain strength while being limited in bearing weight through that leg. Once she was able to weight bear, we progressed to functional strengthening including squats, lunges, and step ups to get her back to her prior level of function. When her healing timeline allowed, we then continued to dynamic activities, such as jumping, and eventually back to running. Watch out in the county for this lady on the pickleball court and out on the ball field. She is back and better than before!

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