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Erin’s ACL Reconstruction Patient Story

Posted on: July 28th, 2023 by Our Team

Erin is a St Mary’s College of Maryland and CAO alumni.  First we need to recognize Erin’s hard work and determination.  Secondly, a huge shout out to the amazing collaboration with SMCM Athletic Trainers, particularly Bailey because it was not just us working with Erin to get her back to her goals.

While in college LAX she sustained an ACL injury and required a complex surgery for ACL reconstruction and bony alignment correction. She had a long post-op course and arrived to us when she returned to school Spring of 2022. She worked hard through some unconventional limitations she faced after surgery, along with progressing through the normal ACL trajectory.  She was able to return to the end of her 2022 Spring season of LAX that year but had some lingering pain.  We had the opportunity of working with Erin following another bony reconstruction surgery in the Fall of 2022 with the goal of return for her spring LAX season. She again worked hard throughout her recovery and was able to return yet again for the end of her Senior year spring LAX season at SMCM. This girl right here is the definition of hard work and she proved it twice in less than two years! We sure miss you Erin and wish you the best for your post college adventures!


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