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Maddie’s ACL Pre-Operative Patient Story

Posted on: July 28th, 2023 by Our Team

Shout out here to Maddie and her hard work! She sustained an ACL injury and arrived to us May 2022 for pre-operative rehab before she underwent her reconstruction. She worked with us for close to 1 month pre-operatively to allow her knee to regain good range of motion and improve her strength and function before surgery. There is strong research to support use of pre-operative Physical Therapy following an ACL injury to restore what we call a “normal knee.” The research shows improved and more optimal post-operative outcomes in patients with ACL reconstruction.

Back to Maddie. She worked hard for roughly a year (in total) to improve her strength, restore normal mechanics for her surgical knee, and progress through return to sport activities with the goal of return to her sport of Lacrosse. She was able to get back for the end of her spring highschool season and is now happily playing travel LAX this summer. Make sure you check out how far she has come from her very first run post-surgery all the way to return to the sport she loves. Way to go Maddie!

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