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Abby’s Shoulder Injury Patient Story

Posted on: October 25th, 2023 by Our Team

Abby is an old friend of those at CAO as she has dealt with several injuries in the past. Her most recent injury was a shoulder injury with biceps and rotator cuff involvement that left her unable to do what she loves – Crossfit workouts! The crew at our California office worked hard with Abby to help her gradually load her shoulder first with below-shoulder level strengthening with a focus on shoulder blade control, and then progressing to overhead lifting.

It was not a completely smooth journey for Abby and, with other contributing factors, Abby decided to follow up with our medical staff and get a cortisone injection. She was able to tolerate a more comprehensive exercise program to work towards her goals. Despite a journey that had some bumps along the way, Abby is now pain free and made a full return to Crossfit, completing her first several METCON workouts in many months!

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