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Mike’s Recovery from Rotator Cuff Surgery Patient Story

Posted on: January 25th, 2022 by Our Team

Mike was a Safelite Technician. In mid-December Mike had an acute onset of (R) shoulder pain while removing a windshield on the job. Mike continued to complete his daily itinerary for Safelite but pain in his arm intensified, leaving him unable to use his arm by COB. He was referred to Dr. Peter Johnston, our renowned shoulder specialist at CAO Orthopaedics in Leonardtown. Mike was diagnosed with a tear of his rotator cuff. He underwent a surgical repair to his torn tendon and extensive debridement of his shoulder in February of 2021.

Physical Therapy

Mike has been working with our excellent physical therapy team in our Leonardtown office, specifically Tara Adams, MSPT and Jennifer Jones, DPT, since May of 2021. At the initiation of his therapy at 12 weeks post-op, he was unable to actively move his arm and was in constant pain. Through the course of just five months of skilled physical therapy Mike has been able to return to all hobbies, including weightlifting. He has no limitations and has met all his personal goals. Mike now plans to return to work as a school bus driver for our local community.

Thank you Mike for entrusting your recovery to CAO

Congratulations on your successful recovery Mike! We were happy to have had the opportunity to help during the recovery process. All your hard work has paid off!

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