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Kristen’s Total Shoulder Replacement Patient Story

Posted on: August 15th, 2022 by Our Team

Meet Kristen! Kristen is an active 52 year old, who came to physical therapy in our Waldorf office following a right total shoulder replacement in early 2021. Kristen had been affected by glenohumeral arthritis in both shoulders and had such a positive outcome with treatment of the right shoulder, she returned to us following a left shoulder replacement in early 2022. Both procedures were performed by our very own Dr. Peter Johnston.

Typical rehabilitation timelines can vary but begin with wearing a sling for the first weeks to protect the surgical site. Physical therapy will then begin focusing on manual therapy and joint mobilization to help improve range of motion. Cupping was also used to help improve scar mobility and tissue extensibility. Exercises then begin progressing out of the sling and move to more active tasks. Exercises then focused on progressing strength and endurance before returning to higher level fitness. Kristen’s determination while she worked in physical therapy and diligence in her home exercise program helped her to return to normal weightlifting, cardio, and crossfit workouts at Coal Road Fitness, in La Plata, MD.

We are very proud of Kristen’s hard work and determination the past two years! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help get you back to your normal hobbies and activities without pain!

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