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Allie McLane, PTA

Staff Physical Therapist Assistant

Allison “Allie” McLane is a physical therapist assistant (PTA) based out of the Southern Maryland area where she was also born and raised. As Allie grew up, she had the opportunity to participate in competitive fastpitch softball through a variety of levels ranging from travel, collegiate, high school, and recreational teams. Through the observation of her fellow and opposing team members who experienced various injuries and her family members who experienced their own injuries/discomforts over the years she found herself wishing she was able to help them heal or prevent their injuries in some way; this is where her passion for the field of physical therapy (PT) was grown.


Allie McLane attended Mount Aloysius College (MAC) in Cresson, PA where she achieved and associate degree completing the Physical Therapist Assistant program. Prior to attending MAC she earned an associate degree in Exercise Science from the College of Southern Maryland. She is currently excited to continue her career education through completion of a personal training certification and further continuing education courses.


In 2018 Allie began working at the Centers for Advanced Orthopaedics – Southern Maryland Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine division as a Medical Assistant float where she was able to learn what the patient experiences as they met with surgeons and clinicians from the othopaedic side of the treatment process prior to and after their PT experience. In the same year the division opened their first PT clinic in Waldorf, MD where she transferred over to work as a PT Tech. Here she was able to gain valuable experience communicating with and learning from patients, very well experienced/knowledgeable PT’s/PTA’s, and PT front desk staff. She then attended PTA school at MAC where she gained further experience as a student PTA in the outpatient and inpatient PT settings during three clinical education rotations. Her final rotation was at CAO PT’s California, MD location where she gained valuable guidance and knowledge from clinical Instructor Dee Kelly, PTA and all other staff. Allie is now excited for the opportunity to join CAO once again in 2023 to continue gaining experience and knowledge in the PT field, this time as a licensed PTA at the Waldorf, MD location.


Allie’s treatment philosophy comes from a guest speaker her PTA program at MAC invited to share his experience and journey. This guest speaker is Michael Kiel the author of the book “Challenge the Moment”. During his discussion Michael mentioned through his journey he was so focused on wanting to walk again that he forgot what needed to be done at the present moment. Michaels PT at the time told him “Don’t sacrifice today for what you want to do tomorrow”. Allie looks to incorporate this philosophy into her daily life as well as into her treatment sessions with patients. She believes every patient is unique and enjoys communicating with them to find their unique traits and main goals. She looks to combine the patients’ main goals with the plan of care written by the patients primary PT for the main diagnosis and inspire the patient to live in the present moment completing the task at hand one step at a time in order to reach the patients main goals over time. Allie also looks to focus on addressing the main cause of an injury while still addressing the symptoms. Just as Michael Kiel inspired her, she hopes to inspire patients each session and allow them to leave feeling a little better and a little happier each time while never losing sight of their main goal but with the understanding that progress takes time and ultimate focus of the present moment.


Outside of the clinic Allie enjoys challenging herself to lead a physically active and growth focused lifestyle through strength training at the gym, yoga sessions, meditation, time spent in nature and traveling, time with friends and family, and continuous learning through personal development & educational books and podcasts.

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